Basic Information

Module where the Freight Forwarder can manage their company information, Organization structure, Access right for each staff, and template for their shipping documents or Invoice.


Consists of the following menu:

  • Organizational Structure

This is where the Freight Forwarder is able to create different branches, and able to see the structure under each branch.

CALISTA freight exchange support a single account with multiple branch /entity.

Organization Structure


  • Role Management

Manage the access right of each role.

Role Management

  • User Management

To create user login for staff, and also assign the role for access right purpose.

User Management


  • Company information

To view Company information as per registration.

Company Information


  • Identify Verification 

This is to edit the Company information. Simply click Resend verification, and you are ready to edit

Identity Verification


  • Report Settings

Setup template for shipping or billing documents, ie : BL, Invoice, Quotation template, SO.

Freight Forwarder is able to update the logo and basic terms and conditions.





  • SAP Fee Mapping

To establish mapping between CALISTA freight exchange Charge codes against SAP item codes (if the customer is using SAP).

To enable this, there is mapping/integration project required for both customer and GeTS.