CALISTA Truck Booking Module


Create Truck Booking

There are two ways to create a new truck booking:

  1. By auto-populating Truck Booking from Freight Booking screen
  2. By creating from scratch via CALISTA New Truck Booking module


Auto-populating Truck Booking from Freight Booking screen

Click orange truck icon under the Haulier column (Figure 1.1).

TruckBooking My Booking List

Figure 1.1: Freight Booking > My Booking Screen

You will be redirected to Create a Truck Booking screen with some fields auto-populated (Figure 1.2).

TruckBooking Create

Figure 1.2: Create a Truck Booking (auto-populated)

Creating from scratch via CALISTA New Truck Booking module

Go to Trucking Service > New Truck Booking (Figure 2).

Choose Import or Export.

TruckBooking Create

Figure 2: Create a Truck Booking

Fill in the details (Figure 3).

Click Save.

TruckBooking Create

Figure 3: Create a Truck Booking (Fill details)

After clicking Save, the page refreshes to show Edit Truck Booking page (Figure 4).

Click Update after editing any details.

TruckBooking Edit

Figure 4: Edit Truck Booking

Go to Containers tab (Figure 5).

Click plus icon to add a new container.

Fill in required details.

Click Save.

TruckBooking Containers

Figure 5: Containers Tab

New container record is created.

TruckBooking New Container

Figure 6: New Container record

User can choose to edit, view or delete container.


Edit Container Record

To edit existing container records, click Edit (Figure 7).

TruckBooking Edit Button

Figure 7: Edit Button

Container Information Details appear.

After editing the details, click Update (Figure 8).

TruckBooking View

Figure 8: Edit Container Information Details

View Container Record

To view container information, click View (Figure 9).

TruckBooking View Button

Figure 9: View Button

Container Information Details appear (Figure 10).

TruckBooking Details

Figure 10: Container Information Details

Go back to Truck Booking Information tab (Figure 11).

Click Submit.

TruckBooking Information Tab

Figure 11: Truck Booking Information Tab

After clicking Submit, page refreshes to View Truck Booking page (Figure 12).

At this point, user can only view truck booking information.

TruckBooking View

Figure 12: View Truck Booking

If user goes to Containers tab, user can only view container records (Figure 13 & 14).

TruckBooking View Button

Figure 13: Containers Tab, View Button

TruckBooking View

Figure 14: View Container Information Details


Manage Truck Booking

User can now manage truck booking.

Go to Trucking Service > Manage Trucking Booking (Figure 15).

TruckBooking Manage

Figure 15: Manage Trucking Booking

Complete Booking on HAULIO

User will be redirected to HAULIO website (Figure 16).


The user will land on the Dashboard page.

TruckBooking Dashboard

Figure 16: HAULIO Dashboard

Go to Haulage Bookings > Drafts (Figure 17).

Click on one of the bookings.

TruckBooking Draft

Figure 17: Haulage Draft Bookings

New Haulage Booking page appears (Figure 18).

User can review and further furnish booking information (Figure 18 & 19).

TruckBooking New

Figure 18: New Haulage Booking

Click Next (Figure 19).

TruckBooking New Continue

Figure 19: New Haulage Booking (Continued)

View pricing (Figure 20).

Click Submit.

TruckBooking Pricing

Figure 20: Pricing

Click Next t(Figure 21).

TruckBooking Processing Page

Figure 21: Processing Page.

HAULIO Operations will contact user for further query (Figure 22).

TruckBooking Details

Figure 22: Details (Pending Acceptance)


My Truck Booking

At CALISTA, go to Trucking Service > My Truck Booking (Figure 23).

The truck booking record can be seen under the Processed list.

TruckBooking My Truck Booking

Figure 23: My Truck Booking