CALISTA freight exchange User Guide

Functionality available for users as follow:

Menu Description Role

This is the main page the users can see when they access to CALISTA freight exchange URL. This is accessible by public (regardless the role, logged in or not logged in, registered and non-registered)


It is an avenue to show case all of the service offering available , such as Rate inquiry, quick access to the service providers details available , Advertisement from the Freight community partner, and the freight rate published by the freight forwarders.

Public access



Freight Forwarder


Search for rate available in CALISTA freight exchange community. Without login: Only market price is seen. Cannot see the member rate.


With Login: if the Freight Forwarder Logged in, they will be able to see the member rate published by the peers Freight Forwarders. They can proceed to place the booking with the peer Freight Forwarders in order to fulfill their customer needs.

Public access



Freight Forwarder

Logistical Tool

<<Still under development>>


Quick access to logistics information such as HS Code, Schedule Query, Cargo Tracking, Railway Query, Express Query, Ocean Freight Yellow Pages, Shipping Company, Airlines, Airport, Sea Port, FBA Warehouse

Public access



Freight Forwarder

High Quality Resources Directory of all of the Service Providers available

Public access

Freight Forwarder

Login Login access for the Freight Forwarder Admin user

Freight Forwarder

Registration Registration page for the Freight Forwarder to sign up for CALISTA freight exchange product

Freight Forwarder

Language Toggle
Language supported by the product. CALISTA freight exchange support English and Chinese

Freight Forwarder


Freight Management System Modules

Module Description

A centralized work area for the freight forwarder to see all of the incoming inquiries, bookings, added as agent by their partners that involved their customers or their freight forwarder partners.

This provide a centralized access to go into each transaction directly.

Customer Management

A module for Freight Forwarder to maintain their customers information, including direct customers, peer freight forwarders, and other counterpart.

Customer Management menu allow you to have a quick glance of the volume ordered by the customer and also the detailed transaction

Supplier A module for Freight Forwarder to maintain their supplier information
Rate Management

A module for the freight forwarder to maintain their freight rate, agency charges (eg customs clearance, VGM declaration, fumigation, inspection, handling fee etc), trucking charge, surcharge setting.

The Freight Forwarder is able to manage different pricing for different targetted market ie (customers, peer, public view).

Chartering A module for Freight Forwarder to charter vessel (via partner's platform)
Enquiries A module for Freight Forwarder to manage the inquiries, quotation and orders, including bargains with their customers.
Operation Management

Module to manage the order process received from their customers.

Freight Forwarder is able to track what are the step needed to be performed in order to fulfill the order via the status .

The creation of Shipping documents such as Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, or any other trade related documents is done in this module.

Finance Management Module for the Freight Forwarder finance team to manage their Account Payable, Account Receivable, Customer Credit term, and exchange rate
Promotion Module to send eDM to promote their service to their target customers
Query Management Module where the Freight Forwarder can perform some ranges of useful queries such as their own Rate Query, or their Peers Freight Forwarder Rate Query
Website Management

To manage the content , pictures for Freight Forwarder's personalized website

Basic customization : picture, logo, company names, contact us, about us details

Basic Information

A module for the Freight Forwarder to manage their company information, organization structure, the access right for each staff, and template setting



CALISTA freight exchange Workflow



CALISTA freight exchange Landing Page (Before Log-in)

Before Login

CALISTA freight exchange Landing Page (After Logged in)

FEUserGuide After Login


Freight Forwarder System

Freight Forwarder System is the key Feature for a Freight Forwarder.

The first step the Freight Forwarder would need to do once they onboard CALISTA freight exchange is to maintain their rate in this module, for their subsequent dealing with their direct customers or trade with their peer Freight Forwarders.

User Profile: Freight Forwarder Admin Role

How to access: Upon login, click on the Freight Forwarder System Menu

FEUserGuide Access


User will be routed to the Freight management System page in the new tab

FEUserGuide Dashboard