Overall CALISTA freight exchange

Q: What exactly is CALISTA freight exchange? Is it not just another freight management system? 

A: CALISTA freight exchange is not a freight management system that supports the operational aspects of LSPs and FFs. It is a services and rate management portal for LSPs and FFs to manage their services and rates internally as well as with their customer base via an online web portal that can be customised with the LSP’s or FF’s logo and branding. In addition, CALISTA freight exchange is also an online marketplace for LSPs and FFs to market their services to other LSPs and FFs as well.


Q: Is CALISTA freight exchange a “closed system” or an “open system”? 

A: CALISTA freight exchange is both a “closed system” and an “open system” where LSPs and FFs can:

  1. Manage their services and rates internally within the business,
  2. Share their services and rates with existing customers via a customised web portal where access can be individually granted, and
  3. Publish their services and rates on a B2B marketplace for other LSPs and FFs to search, view and buy.

LSPs and FFs have total control over what services and rates that they publish on the web portal for their own customers as well as what is shared on the B2B marketplace.


Q: Can my staff/customer access CALISTA freight exchange from overseas? 

A: Yes. CALISTA freight exchange is an online platform that can be accessed by a user with an internet connection via a web browser.



Q: Does CALISTA freight exchange require huge IT investments to implement? 

A: No. CALISTA freight exchange is a web-based solution, accessible via a web browser anytime and anywhere, chargeable via an affordable monthly subscription basis (US$100 per month with 100 user accounts; Subsequently US$100 per every additional 50 user accounts). This is no different from subscribing monthly to Microsoft Office software or paying monthly for iCloud or Google Drive subscriptions. Customers “pay-as-they-use” and hence, no major IT investment is needed.



Q: What are the benefits of subscribing to and using CALISTA freight exchange? 

A. Using CALISTA freight exchange, users can publish their services and prices/rates to both their own customers (private group) via a customised web portal and to an online B2B marketplace where other LSPs and FFs will be able to view and buy their services. CALISTA freight exchange users will have dedicated, personalised (with their own brand) and self-managed portal to serve all of their customers for booking of services, requesting for quotation and etc. The online B2B Marketplace will help to promote users’ services to other LSPs and FFs, and increase their reach globally, beyond ASEAN. For example, another FF from overseas wants to ship goods to Thailand. However it does not provide services on its own in Thailand. Hence, this FF can reach out to another FF based in Bangkok through the B2B Marketplace to use book their services to complement their shipment job end-to-end. This creates additional revenue stream for both the FF overseas and in Thailand. Likewise, if Thai FFs wants to provide end-to-end services to their customers, they can reach out to other FFs locally and overseas to collaborate ad complement their services. This creates stickiness with customers and provides continues revenue streams. And finally, CALISTA freight exchange provides full digital visibility in all activities such as RFQ, booking, invoice management and verification and online payment.


Customized Portal

Q: Why have a customised portal for LSPs and FFs on CALISTA freight exchange? 

A. Each registered LSP or FF on CALISTA freight exchange can customize their own web portal to allow them to publish their services online. They can also use the customized portal to give their customers login access to view their services and prices/rates. The customized portal can be a dedicated, personalized page (with the LSP’s or FF’s own brand) and it can be self-managed to serve all of their customers for booking of services, requesting for quotation and etc.


Q: On the customized portal, do LSP’s and FF’s customers include exporters and importers? 

A: Yes, any customer who consume any kind of service provided by the LSP or FF can benefit from viewing the LSP’s or FF’s prices/rates on the LSP’s or FF’s own customised portal. These can be BCOs, manufacturers, importers, exporters, other LSPs and FFs etc.


B2B Marketplace

Q: Why have a B2B marketplace on CALISTA freight exchange? 

A: CALISTA freight exchange Marketplace allows for an open platform where users can log in to buy and sell their services “B2B” digitally. Users can also sell spare capacity to other LSPs and FFs who can re-package the service to their own customers, or vice versa, buy spare capacity from others in the marketplace to enhance their existing service offerings. In an increasingly challenging global trade environment, this helps LSPs and FFs to leverage on one another to provide more comprehensive end-to-end services regionally or even globally, improving collaboration and driving positive business outcomes.


Q: Do I need to input my prices/rates in order to enable my service(s) to be available on CALISTA freight exchange Marketplace? 

A: Yes. As a freight forwarder, you need to input your prices/rates onto the platform. In addition, you can manage your prices/rates to be visible only to your customers or viewable by all CALISTA freight exchange users in general


Q: How else does publishing my services with prices/rates on CALISTA freight exchange Marketplace benefit my business? 

A: By publishing your services with prices/rates on CALISTA freight exchange Marketplace, you are creating an open digital market where you can search for partners who offer services that you do not offer or who operate in countries where you do not have a presence in, and vice versa. You can collaborate even across borders and “plug in” other users’ service offerings together with your own as a packaged new service, incorporating their pricing into your final rate. This benefits the community of CALISTA freight exchange users holistically in the Marketplace.


Q: Can LSPs and FFs set different pricing for various parties for the same service that they offer? 

A. Yes. LSPs and FFs can set differentiated pricing on CALISTA freight exchange for the same service that the offer. They can set a public board rate for the public (e.g. anyone who is not yet a customer of the LSP or FF), another B2B Marketplace rate for fellow LSPs and FFs (who are already on CALISTA freight exchange as another user) as well as a special rate for their VIP Customers accessible via their own customised web portal. The choice is up to the LSP and FF.


Q: Does CALISTA freight exchange serve the NVOCCs, will it allow NVOCCs and consolidators to work with their co-loaders as well? 

A: Yes, CALISTA freight exchange can be used by NVOCCs. NVOCCs can collaborate with other consolidators etc. to buy and sell capacity in the B2B Marketplace just as other LSPs and FFs are able to do so.


Currencies Available

Q: What are the currencies available on CALISTA freight exchange when it comes to prices and rates?

A. The default and only currency for the carriage is in USD. Surcharges or Agency Rates can be set in local currency.


Registration Process - KYC (Validating LSPs and FFs who sign up)

Q: How is KYC done for CALISTA freight exchange users during registration? Are the LSPs and FFs who sign up legitimate businesses? 

A. Official documentation upload is required during registration. During sign-up 2FA verification with a local mobile number is also required. All in all, a company must be a legitimate LSP or FF before registration is completed. Working with associations to sign up their members adds on to the legitimacy of the users who will be part of the CALISTA freight exchange community.


Q: Do we perform KYC on CALISTA freight exchange users’ customers?

A. No, GeTS only performs KYC on the LSPs and FFs during registration as a user on CALISTA freight exchange. Subsequently, after on-boarding, the users’ customers’ login accounts and their accesses are vetted and assigned by the LSPs and FFs themselves. In other words, the LSPs and FFs manage their own customer base for access to the customized portal.


Payments and Financing

Q: Will CALISTA freight exchange help me in other aspects of my business, e.g. payments and financing? 

A. Yes. CALISTA freight exchange is more than just a services and rate management or marketing tool. There is a Payment & Credit Line Financing Services module on CALISTA freight exchange for users to access low-cost online payment options as well as apply for financing to support their businesses. These financial services are offered in collaboration with GeTS’ trusted Fintech and banking partners.


Q: Are CALISTA freight exchange's payment transactions secure? 

A. Yes. CALISTA freight exchange’s payment services are managed by our partner Fintech and banking service providers whom we have stringently curated for security and reliability.


Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Can CALISTA freight exchange be integrated with LSPs’ and FFs’ own ERPs, FMS etc.?

A. CALISTA freight exchange is API-ready but to integrate with other in-house systems, GeTS needs to know the scope and type of ERPs to integrate with etc. We are open to such integrations and will work with any interested organisation separately as part of our product pipeline.


Q: Is CALISTA freight exchange meant for Shipping Lines and Carriers?

A. CALISTA freight exchange is designed for NVOCCs, LSPs and FFs in mind to enhance their digital capabilities and to buy/sell their services amongst each other and with their customers.


Q: Does CALISTA freight exchange include other modes of shipping other than via sea, e.g. air, rail etc.? 

A. Yes. The LSP or FF is able to manage their multimodal services with CALISTA freight exchange. LSPs and FFs are also able to source for partners to help them to handle other mode of transport when they are executing inter-modal services. E.g. For a Thailand-based FF looking to ship to New Zealand: The Thai FF can include their own sea services to Singapore, and subsequently work with a partner to air freight the goods from Singapore to New Zealand. Along the way, the Thai FF might need another partner to offer other services such as trucking, warehousing , unstuffing from container and re-packing to load onto air cargo pallets etc. The wrong chain of services can be stitched together by the Thailand-based FF via searching for potential partners on CALISTA freight exchange B2B Marketplace. The prices of these partners are viewable and can be added on to the Thailand-based FF’s pricing of the entire inter-modal service that is offered to the cargo owner.


Q: Can CALISTA freight exchange be used by larger LSPs and FFs with multiple offices domestically and internationally? Can the system allow for each branch to manage their own rates in the B2B Marketplace?

A. Yes. CALISTA freight exchange gives the LSP and FF flexibility in setting their services and prices/rates centrally onto a single platform, accessible by all authorised staff within a single location or across many offices. An LSP or FF with multiple branches within the country or around the world can manage the various rates on CALISTA freight exchange and can market the rates in the B2B Marketplace with flexibility as per their own rules and requirements, all within a single platform.


Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Why the login force me to update my password?

A: There are some circumstances that will force user to update her password.

  1. Password isn’t changed for 90 days.
  2. User attempts reset password.
  3. Admin triggers it.