Hinterland Introduction


CALISTA Hinterland Barge Booking


CALISTA Hinterland Barge Booking solution is a single neutral platform focused on simplifying, optimizing hinterland barge booking process, at the same time providing visibility shipper and the barge operator. With one platform and workflow for Hinterland Barge Booking and Barge schedule management, CALISTA Hinterland Barge Booking delivers increased efficiency, reduce errors, and increase productivity and visibility.

CALISTA Hinterland Barge Booking solution is built on SaaS mode. As the subscriber, you will reap enormous benefits include continuous improvements through software upgrades, lower start-up costs, and quicker implementation.  CALISTA Hinterland Barge Booking solution offers an end-to-end holistic approach to Hinterland Barge Booking in one workflow. On average, companies save between five and 10 percent of their freight spend in the first year.


Solutions at a Glance

  • Cloud-based, 24/7 security
  • Manage your schedule, booking with your customers and booking status in a single system
  • As a customer, you can search Barge schedule from various barge operator, place booking, trace the status in a single system
  • Access real-time booking data through one single SaaS infrastructure and quickly adapt technology based on changing business needs
  • Centralize control of the entire Barge booking process 


Key Features

  • Schedule Management and Accessibility
  • Barge Booking and Amendment Management
  • General Cargo and Dangerous Goods supported
  • Complete visibility
  • Document pouch
  • White-label enabled


Additional Features

  • Single-Sign on across CALISTA Products
  • Barge Operator connectivity
  • EDI Integration enabled