Customer Management

Freight Forwarder can manage their customer details here.

Customer includes their direct customers, peer freight forwarders, or their other counterpart that they will deal with to offer their service.

They are also able to see the quick summary of the transaction done with their customers.


Customer Management comprises of:

  • Customer Management

This listed out the customers that belongs to this freight forwarder. there is also a quick summary on the quantity booked by the customer and the detail of each shipment transacted

Type of customers covered in this menu are Direct Customer, Freight Forwarder.

Customers can be on-boarded by adding manually , or shipper registered via Freight Forwarder Portal. For Peer Freight Forwarder, they will be added as customer as soon as the other freight forwarders trade freight with them.


Customer Management


SAP Customer Mapping

This feature is used to establish mapping between customers created in CALISTA freight exchange and SAP Customer code (if the customer is using SAP.

To enable this, there is mapping/integration project required for both customer and GeTS.



  • Other Partners

This is to maintain the other type of customers such as Warehouse, Customs broker, Dock & Yard, Shipping Agent.

They are typically is not on CALISTA freight exchange community

CustomerManagement Other

Other Counterparties


  • Black List

Comprise the list of customers been blacklisted by the freight forwarder

  • Consignee, Shipper and Notify Party

Maintain the details of Consignee, Shipper and Notify Party. Template is available as well to create a set of Consignee, Shipper and Notify Party for document handling. This template can be subsequently use in SI and Bill of Lading creation.

CustomerManagement Creation